For Faculty and Staff

We welcome faculty to become involved in the following:  

Participate in our Faculty Mentoring Program: Dining with Faculty, dinners for a small group of students

Faculty participants of the FMP have said, 

“The small group environment was very helpful in getting to know the students and interacting with each of them about their goals and interests.”

“I got to know the students very deeply, on a personal level. I felt that I was able to connect, and provide formative advice to help them think about their goals and how to achieve them more carefully.”

“I like students, especially first generation students, many of whom remind me of myself at their age!”

“I am very interested to learn about the transfer students' experiences and learn with them about UCSB's opportunities at large."


Be our guest speaker at a Professor After Hours informal chat

Students participants of Professor After Hours have said:

"I found the advice given by the professor unbelievably helpful, especially about letters of rec"

"Hearing a professors experience in academia, especially as a first gen student, hearing the steps toward his goals were inspiring" 
" Enjoyed learning how to approach and speak with a professor and get their point of view"
"[PAH] taught me about what it is like to be a professor and the sacrifices it entails."

Meet Students Where They Are: Hold weekly office hours in the Center

Academic Advisors have said:

"I am a huge fan of the TSC. In order for students to become more familiar with it as a resource I have often held section times in the TSC for ED 118 "Transfer Students."

The students see every week, through the posters and flyers, various resources that are provided in the TSC. Students have often stated that going there every week and becoming more aware of its offerings have been invaluable to their transition and ultimate success." 

- Jack Rivas, Discussion Leader, Ed118 & College of Letters and Science Academic Advisor.



Allow us to co-facilitate a Department Welcome for transfer students in your major

The College of Engineering:

 "I was delighted that the TSC was willing to co-host our annual College of Engineering Transfer Student Welcome.  The space is warm and inviting and we want to introduce our transfer engineers to the study space, workshops and wellness activities offered by the TSC. What a great way to start their UCSB experience."  -Frances Fouch, College of Engineering 


For more information on these programs or future collaborations, contact Dr. Malaphone Phommasa, Assistant Dean, Academic Success Initiatives at or Kari Weber, Transfer Student Center Director, at