Transfer Edge with Summer Sessions

Transfer Edge, a summer bridge program for incoming transfers!

Transfer Edge is a six-week, customizable experience designed to immerse incoming transfer students in all that UC Santa Barbara has to offer, from breathtaking vistas to the exchange of scintillating ideas. 
Edge students collaborate with an advisor to create an academic roadmap that reflects individual educational goals, and enroll in credit-bearing courses that will count toward degree progress. Students engage in transfer-focused courses to learn about campus resources, facilities, and services designed to support success and well-being. A plethora of supplemental workshops allow students to focus on what matters most to them, whether that’s landing an on-campus job, gaining hands-on research experience in a lab, or mastering productive study habits with peers. 
Beyond academics, Edge brings students together in a supportive community that fosters lasting relationships. A variety of social activities will be offered each week, allowing students to build community with like-minded peers while constructing a unique experience that suits their needs and priorities. Students can arrange their own housing, or opt to live together in the beautiful Sierra Madre Villages, taking advantage of sand volleyball courts, recreation areas, and walking paths through natural space during down time. 
Program Dates for the 2024 Program: August 3, 2024 - September 14, 2024 (During Summer Session "B")
Questions? Reach out to or check out their program website for an overview of Transfer Edge.