Faculty Mentoring Program: Dining with Faculty

Faculty Mentoring Program


In collaboration with the Educational Opportunity Program, the Transfer Student Center offers transfer students the opportunity to dine with a professor in their department three times over the course of the academic quarter. This program was designed to help our transfer students start building their academic networks at UCSB and dive into scholarly conversations about their chosen discipline. 

Spring 2023

Dr. Galan Moody, Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Winter 2023

Dr. Elena Skapoulli-Raymond, Teaching Professor, Department of Sociology

Spring 2022

Dr. Martha Webber, Lecturer, UCSB Writing Program

Spring 2021

Dr. Robin Nabi, Professor, Department of Communication

Winter 2020

Dr. Paul Atzberger, Professor, Department of Mathematics & Department of Mechanical Engineering

Fall 2020

Dr. Ignacio Esponda, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of Economics

Spring 2020

Program paused

Winter 2020 Faculty Mentors

Dr. Amy Gonzales, Associate Professor, Communication & Information Technologies

Fall 2019 Faculty Mentors

Dr. Cindy Benelli, Lecturer, Department of Economics

Dr. Hannah Wohl, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology 

Winter 2019 Faculty Mentors 

Dr. Karin Lohwasser, Lecturer, The Gevirtz School and Cal Teach

Dr. Karen Myers, Professor, Department of Communication

Fall 2018 Faculty Mentors 

Dr. Richert Wang, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering 

Dr. Cristina Venegas, Associate Professor, Department of Film and Media Studies

Spring 2018 Faculty Mentors

Dr. Ignacio Esponda, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of Economics

Dr. Kevin Whitehead, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

 Winter 2018 Faculty Mentors

Dr. John Hartman, Lecturer, Department of Economics

Dr. Elizabeth Wilbanks, Assistant Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology Department

Fall 2017 Faculty Mentors

Dr. Dick Startz, Professor, Department of Economics

Dr. Cindy Benelli, Lecturer, Department of Economics

Dr. Karen Szumlinski, Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

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