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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 12:00am

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Student Information

NAME: Justin

MAJOR: Global Studies


What has been your biggest challenge in adjusting to university life and how did you overcome that challenge?

The biggest challenge adjusting to university life was how overwhelming it was. Everyone tells you to do as much as you can, and to attend all the events, despite there being way too many to attend. What helped me was taking my time and going to events I was interested in, instead of as many as I could. If you go to every event, odds are you will not have as good of a time as you’d feel forced to be there. Relax, join the groups you want to, and you’ll quickly find your spot and friends in the university life.

What are some accomplishments you’ve achieved at UCSB that you’re most proud of thus far?

I have maintained a 3.5 GPA, and currently intern at the office of admissions specifically with the transfer department. I captain the hockey team, and led the division in scoring and was second in the nation. I’m also studying abroad in Italy and the University of Bologna next fall where everything will be taught in Italian!

What kind of academic support have you received at UCSB?

I see my advisor consistently. Sarah is the best advisor I have ever had, including those at CC. The transfer advisors really want you to succeed and help you create a schedule for classes to take and answer questions on how to adjust to living at a four year university away from home.

Did you find that you needed to be more independent and take more initiative at UCSB? How so?

Making friends is not like the movies, you don’t just show up and automatically make a large group of friends. It is easy to make friends, but you have to make a little bit of an effort. Leaving your door open when you are at home, talking to the person next to you in class, and joining clubs are a great way to meet people and find your niche at UCSB.

What organizations are you involved with on campus?

I play on the UCSB hockey team, and our division 1 team was ranked #4 in the nation and our division 3 team was ranked #6 in the nation. Both of the teams won the regional championship against schools like Cal Poly, Cal, ASU, and various other schools. The best thing about the hockey team though, is that it is a great way to meet new people.

Do you work or have internships while at UCSB? Are they on-campus or off-campus?

I currently intern at the office of admissions, specifically with the department who deals with transfer students. It’s a great way to gain insight on how the school views and accepts students. We also go out to a lot of community colleges and get to meet all the people transferring to UCSB and other schools. The internship is a great way to gain communication skills and to gain networking connections.

What types of housing options are available to transfer students?

Living in Sierra Madre was really a great experience! It was mostly transfers so everyone was really friendly and willing to talk to each other. It is the farthest apartment complex from campus, but you are the first one on the bus which means you will never miss the bus due to being full. Everything was brand new, and was the only place of the on campus apartments that had air conditioning. All the undergraduate apartments are really nice, and come fully furnished and have kitchens!

What are the options for transfer students and dining? Do you have a meal plan or do you cook your own meals?

Having a dining plan the first quarter here definitely helped out a lot because you have access to the four dinning commons around campus. It was really nice knowing I could eat somewhere on campus in between classes. This year, I make dinner at my apartment a lot since I have a kitchen.