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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 12:00am

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Student Information

NAME: Cori

MAJOR: Communication


How have you changed from the start of your first quarter here up until now?

UCSB has helped me become who I truly want to be. I have always felt like an average person, but UCSB made me feel special. This, in turn, made me feel strong and gave me the confidence to go after my dreams. I have become incredibly involved on campus, something I never was into before. I have also become more friendly, inclusive and a better part of the community since coming to UCSB. Being surrounded by the amazing people at this school has made me want to be like them and achieve goals and be a better person, which I have become.

What advice do you have for new transfer students?

My biggest advice for new transfers is to always say ‘yes’. Your time at UCSB is short and by saying yes and trying new things you will allow yourself to have a great time here. There are so many opportunities, classes, resources, adventures and events to be a part of. Do them. Study hard but make sure to take time for yourself outside of the classroom. Don’t be shy to introduce yourself to new people. Go to your professors' office hours, even if you don’t have a question about the material. Go to the beach in between classes. Watch the sunset. Be involved on campus. Give back to the community. Go to soccer games and concerts. Utilize all the resources on campus. Study abroad if you can. Go explore Santa Barbara. It is an amazing school and town, make the best of it. It goes by fast.

Are your classes usually on certain days/times and for how long?

All my classes are 1 hour 15 minutes long.

What organizations are you involved with on campus?

I'm president of the Transfer Student Alliance, a tour guide in the Gaucho Tour Association, on the board for the Communication Association, and The Daily Nexus. I'm also an Office of Student Life (OSL) intern.

What is your take on UCSB’s “Party School” reputation?

I don't feel like UCSB students party anymore than other colleges. I think because we have so many students in a close proximity, it appears that way, but really it is no more or less than other college campuses. However, I will say, we do have an awesome social life here, and if partying is what you’re into, it’s there, but if not there are PLENTY of alternative events that go on every night.

What types of housing options are available to transfer students?

I live directly off campus, 2 minutes away on Del Playa in a studio apartment with my best friend overlooking the ocean. We call it our Shoebox by the Sea. The cost is $650/month each, and I can't think of any cons of living there! IT IS AWESOME.

Which housing options would you recommend?

Your first year, I would recommend the university-owned apartments. I lived in Sierra Madre with 3 other transfer students I met on the Schools App! (It’s like a dating app for roommates), and it was a great way to meet a lot of transfer students. Additionally, you do not have to worry about extra bills (Wi-Fi, electricity, water, etc.), which makes the transition nice and one less thing to think about. To figure out what to bring, we made a Google doc and filled in what each of us was bringing, and we all shared everything, which was nice.

What is your favorite spot to eat in the area?

Hmm… this is a hard one. I LOVE Poke and Pokemee in Goleta is amazing. I also love Freebirds because it’s delicious. Hana Kitchen is also delicious. South Coast Deli has the best salads and sandwiches. Silvergreens is also good. Everywhere is good.