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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 12:00am

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Student Information

What has been your biggest challenge in adjusting to university life, and how did you overcome that challenge?

My biggest challenge in adjusting to university life is disciplining my personal life and study habit. 

I overcame it through limiting social life to few good friends. I learned to say no to social events that I don't want to participate and focus on what is in my priority. I let myself decide how I want to allocate my time for studying or socializing or self-venturing.

Do you have a car? Do you think it’s necessary to bring a car?

I have a car and it is depends on your lifestyle to judge whether not to own a car. If you live far from campus or even if you live near campus and traveled out a lot, getting a car is important. Your friends would love you because you are their greatest helper when they need to go out. If you spend most of your time on campus, then avoid getting a car because parking in IV is a disaster unless your apartment offers parking. 

Which housing options would you recommend?

I would highly suggest living close to campus as possible. First, it would be most beneficial if you do not commute to school by car. It is time wasting; it can cost you almost $1000 to buy the parking permit here a year. Second, you can expand your social network even if you don't go out to socialize by living near where students are. 

If you were to live with other students, find academic oriented students to live with. They are the positive influence and benchmark for your education in UC. They tend to be quite reasonable people and disciplined. Living with them is a perfect opportunity to learn how to be a good student. They will also be potentially helpful for your future career. If possible, find native students to live with, because they knows the in and outs of academic resources and networks and fun and more.

What food resources are available to students? Have you used them during your time here?

Food bank is perfect. My best suggestion for any student is meal swipes. It is a bit costly but it sure saves you a lot of time to find food on school and they offer healthy food choice.