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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 12:00am

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Student Information

NAME: Abbi

MAJOR: Psychology

MINOR: Applied Psychology


What helped you prepare for transferring to UCSB? 

When I was getting ready to transfer, the most helpful thing that I did was connect with my roommates. I elected to live in University Housing and therefore was provided with my roommate’s email addresses. We all talked for about a month before we moved in and this really helped us feel more comfortable moving in together. We knew more about each other and could connect on the common worries we had about transferring. Feeling like I already had friends going in made moving exciting! 

What was one of your biggest concerns before transferring that ended up not being a concern?

I was really nervous that I would not find “those life-long friends” we all hear about in movies and from older adults in our lives. My thoughts were, it took me nearly the two years at my (much smaller than UCSB) community college to make some really solid friendships…how am I supposed to do it all over again at a school as big as UCSB, while also trying to navigate everything that comes along with major life transitions? Long story short, I had nothing to worry about. I learned my way around and made great friends quickly. The people at UCSB are friendly, supportive and understanding. I definitely feel like I have life-long friends coming out of college.

How is the student/teacher relationship different than your previous college(s)?

Building a relationship with your instructors takes much more initiative at the University than it does at Community College. I remember my experience in Community College being that I could wait until the end of class and usually just chat with my professor for a while, or walk back to their office with them. Sometimes that is the case here, but usually professors are packing up and needing to leave, so that the next professor and larger class can get started. I learned quickly that the best way to build relationships was by going to the professor’s office hours and asking questions about the class material, as well as asking them about their research. Professors here have SO many students, so we have to take it upon ourselves to make sure we are known. I would encourage you to start going to office hours early in the quarter, so that you can perform better in the class, and also establish a relationship well enough to merit a letter or recommendation.

Do your courses usually require a textbook(s)? If so, where do you purchase them?

Most of my courses do require textbooks, and we all know textbooks are expensive! In my time here, I have found a couple ways to reduce this expense. 1) Free and For Sale Facebook Page—there is a UCSB Facebook group where lots of students sell textbooks (and other cool things!) at a cheaper cost than the Bookstore. 2) Online—Amazon is almost always cheaper than the UCSB Bookstore. 3) On reserve in the Library—sometimes your professors will put a copy of your textbook in the Library, and you can check it out for two hours at a time. This helps you get your reading done without having to purchase the book.

Do you work or have internships while at UCSB? Are they on-campus or off-campus?

I work! I am currently a Mental Health Peer with Counseling and Psychological Services, and am a Resident Assistant with UCSB Residential and Community Living. My Mental Health Peer job is on campus and my Resident Assistant Position is also through the campus. I really appreciate working on campus because our employers are really understanding of our school schedule. Working on campus also grew my sense of community on campus. If you can work on campus, I would highly recommend it!

What are the options for transfer students and dining? Do you have a meal plan or do you cook your own meals?

As a transfer student, you will have the option to purchase an off-campus meal plan. This plan allows you to eat in any of the four dining commons. One great benefit of our dining program is that you can cancel/adjust your meal plan after the first two weeks of the quarter. I came in with a meal plan when I first transferred, but decided I had more fun buying my own groceries and cooking at home. I cancelled my meal plan after the first two weeks, and was refunded the money that I had not used. If you come to UCSB without a meal plan, but decide you want one once you are here, you can purchase one at any point in the quarter. For more info:

What food resources are available to students? Have you used them during your time here? 

UCSB has so many wonderful food resources for students! There is a FoodBank on campus that provides fresh produce, grains, canned goods, and more! It is open three days a week, and students can visit once per day every day that it is open. Students can also access food pantries in Goleta/Isla Vista, food distribution centers, Meal Swipes, CalFresh, and the Food Nutrition and Basic Skills Program! For more info: