Summer Programs

Transfer Start Program

The Transfer Start Program is designed to provide a bridge for transfer students entering the most popular majors for transfer students at UCSB. This program connects new transfer students with faculty members and academic resources in their departments.


Transfer Boost! Program

Transfer Boost! is a free summer program that provides incoming and continuing transfer students with some of the knowledge and skills that you will need to take on the academic year with confidence. Participating in this program will introduce you to helpful resources across campus, connect you with fellow transfer students, and provide University-specific knowledge that transfer students need to know! Check back at the beginning of Summer 2018 for Transfer Boost Summer 2018 details!

Sign up for Transfer Boost! 2017 is now closed. Please check back for Transfer Boost! 2018 sign up!



Week 1: August 7-11 Program Begins

Monday, August 7, 12pm-1pm
Workshop - Transfer Timelines: Planning Out Your Time at UCSB
Offered by: L&S Academic Advisors & Career Services
Location: TSC
Description: Are you wondering how you’re going to finish in two years AND plan for your future? Attend this workshop led by College of Letters & Science Academic Advisors and Career Services to understand how you can best plan out your time at UCSB. They will provide helpful tips and considerations to help you make informed decisions!

Wednesday, August 9, 12pm-1pm
Workshop - Managing your Time at UCSB: The Differences Between a Semester and a Quarter System
Offered by: The TSC Team
Location: TSC
Description: Are you unsure about how different a quarter system is compared to a semester system? Come learn what distinguishes the two systems and effective time management techniques to help prepare you for a successful Fall quarter at UCSB.

Thursday, August 10, 12pm-1pm
Panel Discussion - Demystifying Office Hours with UCSB Faculty & Teaching Assistants
In collaboration with the ONDAS Student Center
Location: ONDAS Student Center
Description: “What are office hours?” “Why do I need to go to office hours?” “I’m nervous to speak to faculty members here.” “Will I be imposing on their time?” These are all thoughts students have had about office hours, but we will work to demystify these beliefs! Come to this discussion with UCSB faculty and teaching assistants who will explain what office hours are and why you should make use of this time.

Week 2: August 14-18

Monday, August 14, 12pm-1pm
Workshop - Grad School Prep: Timeline for Applying for MA & PhD Programs
Offered by: The TSC Team
Location: TSC
Description: Thinking about graduate school and pursuing a masters or doctoral degree? Come learn about the difference between an MA and PhD, when to begin applying, and general program requirements.

Tuesday, August 15, 12pm-1pm
Panel Discussion - Pathways to Professional Degrees: Careers in Law & Health
In collaboration with the ONDAS Student Center
Offered by: Pre-Law and Pre-Health Advisors
Location: TSC
Description: Are you interested in careers in medicine, public health, and law? Come speak with advisors who can help answer specific questions about preparing for your future career. Maybe you are unsure what career you want to pursue, that is okay too! Join us to learn about potential career pathways after UCSB.

Wednesday, August 16, 12pm-1:30pm
Workshop - Pizza & Knowledge for Transfer Students
Offered by: L&S Academic Advisors
Location: TSC
Description: What is academic advising? What kinds of questions can you ask your academic advisor? Join our College of Letters & Science Academic Advisors as they answer important questions that may come up during the academic year. For example, what should you consider if your first midterm grade was much lower than you expected? Come find out at Pizza and Knowledge! Plus, FREE PIZZA!

Week 3: August 21-25

Monday, August 21, 12pm-1pm
Workshop - Books? Journals? Media?: How to Search for What You Need from the Library
In collaboration with the ONDAS Student Center
Offered by: Library Instruction Coordinator
Location: Library Room 1575 (near the TSC)
Description: This informal workshop will cover the basics of library research at UCSB. You’ll learn useful tips and tricks for finding books and scholarly journals and get hands-on experience with our databases and services. We’ll show you how to get help for your academic papers and projects exactly when you need it!

Tuesday, August 22, 12pm-1pm
Workshop - Becoming Financially Fit: How to Create a Solid Budgeting Plan
In collaboration with the ONDAS Student Center
Offered by: Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Location: TSC
Description: Navigating the financial aspects of college can be nerve-wracking, but creating a solid budgeting plan can help reduce both your stress and your overall debt. In this workshop we will talk about the kinds of costs you will incur at UCSB, what types of financial aid to utilize first, and where to purchase less expensive materials for your classes. We will discuss how to create a monthly/quarterly budget, and help you identify the resources available to you.

Wednesday, August 23, 12pm-1pm
Information Session - Research & Internship Opportunities for Undergraduate Students
In collaboration with the ONDAS Student Center
Location: ONDAS
Offered by: L&S Undergraduate Research & Internship Initiatives
Looking for research or internship experience? Come to this information session to learn about our Transfer Student Research Award (TSRA), Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) Grant, Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP), Washington, D.C. Internships (UCDC), and Internships in Sacramento (UCCS)! Get involved!

Week 4: August 28 - September 1

Monday, August 28, 12pm-1pm
Panel Discussion - Meet and Greet with Faculty/Graduate Students Working with Undergraduate Research Assistants
In collaboration with the ONDAS Student Center
Location: TSC
Description: Are you wondering what it means to be an undergraduate research assistant? Come to this panel discussion with faculty, graduate students, and current undergraduate research assistants to learn more about doing research! Faculty and graduate students will share what they are looking for in a research assistant and how you can search for opportunities.

Tuesday, August 29, 12pm-1pm
Guided Discussion - Cultivating Academic Resilience & Energy (CARE)
Offered by: Counseling & Psychological Services
Location: TSC
Description: Feeling overwhelmed by schoolwork? Anxious about taking tests? Find yourself worried about doing well in your classes? These are just some of the common academic stressors that students face every day. Transfer students have the extra pressure of assimilating to a new school and trying to tackle classes that are often at a faster, more intense pace, and have different requirements than they perhaps were used to in their prior coursework. In this workshop we will talk about some of these normal challenges that transfer students face, facilitate a discussion about your main concerns, and address how to cope effectively in your transition into the academic life at UCSB.

Wednesday, August 30, 12pm-1pm
Workshop - Caffeine, All-Nighters, and Naps- Oh My!: The Science of Sleepy Students
Offered by: Health & Wellness Educator
Location: TSC
Description: Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of class? Pulled an all-nighter in preparation for a big exam? Chugged a Red Bull just to make it through the day? Students are often desperate for sleep, but what do we truly understand about the biology of sleep and the implications of unhealthy sleep practices? Join Health & Wellness for an interactive workshop on how to navigate your two years at UCSB while staying rested and ready to conquer!

Week 5: September 4-8

Tuesday, September 5, 12pm-1pm
Information Session - You CAN Study Abroad as a Transfer Student!
Offered by: Education Abroad Program
Location: TSC
Description: “As a transfer student, I don’t have enough time to fit in study abroad.” This is not true! UCSB transfer students can spend a semester or summer studying abroad through the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP), fulfill major requirements, and still graduate on time. This informational workshop addresses academic considerations, costs and finances, scholarships, and career benefits.

Wednesday, September 6, 12pm-1:30pm
Workshop & Resume Bar - Job/Internship Preparation & Search Strategies
In collaboration with the ONDAS Student Center
Offered by: Career Services
Location: TSC
Description: Interested in finding an internship or part-time job? Not sure what you need or where to look? Career Services has the answers! We’ll look at how to develop application documents like resumes and cover letters and also at many different strategies for finding work or internships during your time at UCSB! Make sure to bring your resume, because we’ll have a mini resume critique bar to give you some helpful feedback on your resume!

Week 6: September 11-15 Program Ends

Wednesday, September 13, 12pm-1:30pm
Pizza Social! Meet Fellow Transfers & Learn How to Get Involved at UCSB!
In collaboration with the ONDAS Student Center
Location: TSC
Description: Get to know fellow first-year and transfer students and learn how you can get involved during your time at UCSB! Danielle Quinones from the Office of Student Life will share information about the HUNDREDS of student organizations at UCSB, and you’ll have a chance to connect with leaders of the Transfer Student Alliance. Angelica Caudillo from the Educational Opportunity Program will share about the resources that EOP offers. Learn about the AS Food Bank and the Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships (CSEP) and how you can use their resources. You’ll also get the inside scoop on upcoming Transfer Student Center and ONDAS Student Center events, programs, and initiatives! Plus, FREE PIZZA!